Thursday, March 16, 2017

Extreme Rainfall Distribution Estimation with Python (as a scripting language)

This post collects the Notebook used in my classes of Hydraulic Constructions and Hydrology for estimating the IDF curves. It is actually a work in progress.

For who wants to start with Python (for hydrologists), I suggest to give a look to my blog post "Python for Hydrologists". Here a brief summary, for the laziest.

There are a lot of resources to start with python, but for hydrologists, a recommendation is to use:
with a preference for the first one (keeping in mind differences between Python 2 and Python 3).
 Soil Physics with Python: Transport in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System, by Bittelli et al, is al, is a book on soil science which is quite appealing (as seen the TOC): the kindle version cost reasonably but I do not have it. Python programs are available here.

An overview of Scientific libraries and softwares of general use in Python is given at, from which I extract these links to documentation:

3 - Estimating the parameters of a Gumbel distribution with

5 - Fitting the curves (some error here)


Paperopoli 2
Paperopoli 4

For who wants to do the same numerics with R, she should look "A few R scripts useful for hydrologists".

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